PDP Rock Candy Wireless Keyboard Review: A Colorful Surprise Awaits…


The thought of having a computer keyboard smash on the ground and become nonfunctional after a Warcraft-filled rage or accidental spillage of coffee during a thesis paper at 3am rendering it useless is the nightmare of almost every student, blogger and social media fanatic out there and for many however that day will inevitably come to pass. If it does, the desire to rush out to the local store and grab the first thing one can get their hands on often leads to comfort issues and ultimately more stress on the user (and their fingers). If one doesn’t look for inexpensive version that doesn’t quite “cut the mustard”, the decision to fork down a large amount of cash to purchase one of those high end gaming keyboard with all the bells and whistles seems like the only other way to go. Fear not however as the Rock Candy Wireless Keyboards (Performance Design Products, MSRP $29.99 order one here at Amazon) have burst on to the scene and it just might be the answer to help one sleep a little easier.

Having the choice between four stylish colors (Green, Purple, Blueberry Boom and Pink) to choose from, this lightweight frame (1.6 pounds) still packs a nice blend of exotic looks and solid performance and durability all rolled into one. Offering virtually instant plug and play with a Windows PC or Mac and utilizing a standard 2.4 GHz frequency, the keyboard can be paired with an optional Rock Candy wireless mouse which will free up a USB port on the computer. If the decision is just to go at it solo, the Rock Candy keyboard under testing proved to come through admirably, even under the most rigid of keyboard stress tests (namely the banging on the keys by yours truly while this review was typed up among other documents).

This particular wireless keyboard offering, with its large round buttons and basic layout doesn’t offer up much in the way of frills like the fancy hot keys of those more expensive gaming alternatives but what it does possess it does so in spades in its response to repeated use. It has many of its contemporaries beat by offering a washable and waterproof keyboard that is IP67 certified (and again put to the test with some liquid run throughs) and backed by a manufacturer’s two year warranty. That’s a comforting thought the next time the foul language begins as that can of energy drink goes flying onto what was your keyboard better known to everyone else as your connection to the outside world.

Simply put the Rock Candy keyboard by PDP for many offers a basic, solid structure at an affordable price that will have many singing its praises. If that nightmare becomes reality and tragedy befalls the current keyboard in your life there is an alternative that will satisfy the typing needs at a price that won’t obliterate the pocketbook. If common sense prevails and the PDP Rock Candy Wireless Keyboard is the choice (as it is for us) one simple question will remain: what color do you choose?


(Please note that for this review Game Source did receive a review model for the game from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press. Originally published on 3/3/2016 at yourgamesource.com)

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