OVC H1 Earphones Review: Ready For Action

When pressed to find that happy medium between quality and price when searching for that next set of earphones, the list of possible candidates can drive anyone up a tree. With so many different models to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many just grab the first thing they see on the bargain rack and just take their chances. However for those searching for a viable solution the next time they plug into their tablet or mobile device, the OVC H1 Earphones (OVC, MSRP $43.99 on Amazon.com) might just end up somewhere on that list. But do these earbuds prove to be a good alternative for those seeking a quality audio experience?

Check out our hands on impressions of the OVC H-1 earphones with Warren Fernandez on our Pop Culture Cosmos page here for part one and here for two.

Sound quality overall was impressive with highs and lows being distinct and differentiated enough to provide a solid listening session. With bass sound effect options powered by OVC’s  “Air Charger” technology, the three choices (chosen via a screw adjustment groove on the back of each earphone) determines how deep the listener wants their tunes to be heard. The sound options differ enough to be noticed but not to any outstanding degree. A full metal design, attached remote and tangle free cord provides nice stability for the price so the focus can remain on what music or video the user wants to play on their mobile device next. The added microphone when utilized on phone calls was clear and responsive and those listening on the other end complimenting on how well the user’s voice gets projected.

Capitalizing on the mass popularity of Apple products, the H-1 earphones are (according to OVC) “specifically designed” to pair up with those devices. While the unit does work with those products, further testing on Android products proved that this unit can be used with proficiency on their devices as well. The main drawback of the earphones is in the design of the bass options. Having to utilize a screw device (which is provided in the packaging) in order to find that right sound level can be awkward and leave the earphones in a position where they can easily slip out of the ear itself.

Finding that right balance when looking for the many options in the earbud world can be intimidating and frustrating to a certain degree. OVC’s H-1 earphones overall prove to be a contender with commendable features that can make the process that much easier. Coming in at a reasonable price and carrying a sound quality to match, the OVC H-1’s are a set of earphones that should definitely make anyone’s selection list.


(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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