PCC Presents: Topicocalypse – Does Posting Peta Videos to Social Media Help Prevent Animal Cruelty (Episode 1 Part 1)


On the very first ever episode of Topicocalypse, Josh, Eddie, Kelly, and Danial, tackle the issue of using Facebook for activism. After seeing a PETA video posted by one of his friends on Facebook, depicting seals being slaughtered, Josh started to question just how affective social media activism is. After all, it’s not like he could afford to fly himself to Alaska to personally do anything about it. This led to a rabbit trail of wondering if people who post things like that on Facebook are doing anything themselves, not just for animal cruelty but any type of “awareness” post. We also dive into the topic of “13 Reasons Why” and how it’s creating false empathy. All of this and more on this episode of Topicocalypse.

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