PCC Mulitiverse #68


Just how big will #Deadpool2 be at the box office, the state of the #Musicindustry and #Mentalhealth, the Topicocalypse crew talks #YouTubeissues and what’s up with all these video game delays? All this and a hit song from Phil Matthews and The Village on our latest PCC Multiverse! AIRING TONIGHT at 8p EST on CROC Radio 10p EST on ipmNation.comand coming soon to Grey Cloud Radio Good Talk Radio Station Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting Sword Radio UK and AVAILABLE NOW oPodbean #ApplePodcasts Podchaser Anchor Mixcloud The ESO NetworkGonnaGeek We Be Geeks The Tangent-Bound Network and over 30 more #podcast outlets! #PodernFamily #PodFix

Sponsored by WheelyQ Barbecue Sauces & Rubs listen today on how to get a 15% discount, Retro City Games and #GalaxofHope from Rob McCallum Films on Kickstarter (Support now at https://tinyurl.com/y9arkk49)

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