Pop Culture Cosmos #96- Building the Better Hot Dog for July 4th, GTA V’s future and is this the End Game for the Avengers?

4th of July Picnic Table - Hot Dogshttps://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-fu8zf-9460cb

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom continues to wreak havoc at the box office but what does Josh think of it? What’s in a name when it comes to Infinity War End Game, is the clock running out on GTA V’s time on top, will the DC streaming service be a good KaPow! for the dollar, Douglas Haughaboo interviews Hyperkin from E32018 and Ben Arnot from Smoking Hot Confessions has thoughts on how to build the better Hot Dog this July the 4th! All this and another hit song from Plazma Z on the latest Pop Culture Cosmos!

Check out Ben’s article on July 4th hot dogs here: smokinghotconfessions.com/dear-america-happy-4th-of-july-love-from-australia/#comments

Presented by WheelyQ Barbecue Sauces & Rubs (Listen for a 15% discount code)m Retro City Games, Rob McCallum Films and FX Unit Yuki AKA Henshin Engine

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