PCC Presents: What About This – Social Media, Why Do We Post What We Post (Episode 2)


It’s taken hours (and it’s not my best green screen key) but the video version of What About This episode 2 is finished! Check out the latest episode where Travis Carreiro​, Keith Garton​, Kyle Kirtz​, and Ryan Wekenman discuss social media and why we post the things we post. They chat about cultural narratives and the importance of meaning. Kyle and Travis bring up the exchange system of likes on Instagram. Keith breaks down how the idea of the Self came about. Ryan throws out the idea that our identity is the real issue. There’s a lot to this episode, so we may come back to it soon. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @wat_podcast. There’s also a shoutout to Cameron Miller​ and a table made by Jake Skoll​.

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