PCC Presents- The Walking Dead Spring Season Primer with Daphine Matthew!


The Pop Culture Cosmos gets you prepped for the rest of TWD season nine as one of the biggest Walking Dead fans out there, Daphine Matthew from The Walking Dead Fan Base and Talking The Dead Facebook Groups stops by and talks to Gerald Glassford as she breaks down season so far through the mid-season point with thoughts on every major character with extra conversations that couldn’t air on our regular shows due to time constraints. Find out her thoughts on Rick, Jesus and Carl’s departure, Negan’s impending return, how long she thinks the Whisperers conflict will last along with the possible futures for Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and how long she believes the series will run. Listen to both her extended conversations as she touches on the ratings controversy and a whole lot more as we talk the past, present and future of The Walking Dead!

Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil ( listen in for a $10 off code then go to tinyurl.com/y9vnoxtn ), Box Art-The Docuseries, Pop Culture Cosmos/PCC Multiverse, Rob McCallum Films, and Retro City Games!

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